You never saw me

You never saw me

Singing out your name in my dreams

You never watched it

How i witnessed every little thing

You’d say sorry

When not in the mood to sort out things

You’d never want me

Or my strings ‘ttached to you

You never let me believe

That i’ve been a fool

You never called me first

But i couldn’t condemn

You’ll never be the one

Who could make me get ‘nough of them

You never brushed it aside

When i said ‘let’s make love’

You never saw me

Loving you the way you shouldn’t be loved


Everything is temporary

A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious.

Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating your belief and ultimately your results.

There will be times when you’d cry, silent screams will try to overcome your inner strength. There will be times when you’d feel like falling, like, you’ve lost your mind, and yet you’re constantly losing the grip, losing everything.
Hearts drown like lost ships in the seas. Mouths dry cursing the words they can’t vocalise even after thousands of years of demanding. Eyes burn shedding tears like colours out of their lives like, autumn leaves floating down. But dear, Life has so much more to share with you because agony is seasonal.
Perhaps, better things are on their way to you but you can’t spot them. Perhaps, a good mind will usher you all the way through. Perhaps, what you’ve been searching for has forever been right there in your own hands.
Don’t give up, don’t give up on anything and i understand if you want to but please don’t , ’cause if you do, you’d end up with nothing but regrets and nothing would ever seem to lessen that despair.Fear regrets more than failure.
It’s not easy because the road to success is always under-construction but you can make it till there. Don’t lose hopes and just watch every step you make, carefully. If you are defeated in your thoughts, you will be defeated in your life. If you are a champion in your thoughts, your success is inevitable.

Have a great day! :)))

My all

I see you lying next to me underneath that blue sky
the charms, the words, the sparks are still undefined
Those ravishing eyes, they can light up the stars up above
another morning and i still can’t help falling in love

You’ve slipped under my skin,
invaded my blood, wonderful sin!
You keep seizing my heart and have always been
with all of you and that admirable grin

No matter wherever i go,
i’ll always find my way back to you
‘cause your smile will always be the most delighting countryside i’ll see
and your heart will still be the safest place to be

Your name is a wondrous tale
I could reprise those letters all day
your voice is a beautiful song
which reminds me of a glorious fairytale

Heaven isn’t too far away
If you’ll be there to save the day
It seems like you’re as swift as an ocean wave
when you look over me and then look away.


Autumn has come, my friend!

When will you come to me?

These darker nights don’t ever seem tell me

Do i still have those lucky stars upon me?

You’re the moon to my wand’ring barks,

The waterfall to my aquamarine bird heart

Rainbows have betrayed the colours now

Waters have fallen apart

You’re the sleep of the nights we stayed up

My blooming ecstasy belongs to thee You’re the rush if i’m a fool

Will you ever come to me?

The night’s been longer, my friend!

Why does the day never come?

This summer ain’t like that of ’17

When i claimed I’d never love

When you prov’d lies always burn.. ♥

Never enough

Slowly, my candle burns

It will not last the night

Deathlessly, i stand here

Waiting on the power of daylight

All above my head’s a roof

But i want the open sky

I’m underneath the silver moon

Yet i long for a shelter to get by

Your fatal secrecy’s been consigned on me

When i ought to hear your voice

You don’t utter a word now,

Dancing with me through this night

Blazon your forbidden smile bright

Uncry tears flown down on delusional words

The seventh heaven i’m endowed with
Will never be quite enough…

What’s the best thing your teacher ever said to you?

Last summer, i met someone for the very first time and eventually he turned out to be someone i’ll never fail to recall about. One of the most conspicuous things about me was how i failed to catch on to who he really was, at that time. I’ll be honest, i didn’t like him much at first but those days are long gone now. I mean, i just thought he is okayish and humble but gradually, as i grew to know more about him, i came to know how he is so much more than my presumptions. (or should i say – Pre-assumptions? haha)
Although, he will not take my tuition classes anymore, (as in he was my tuition teacher) He’ll always be my guide as i’ll always be capable of casting my mind to each and every  angelic word ever fallen from his mouth. ( not really, though. because if i would have remembered ‘Every’ word, i would be getting full marks but i ain’t haha XD)
One of the most mesmerizing or delighting things about him was the way he never gets tired of his work no matter how many responsibilities there are, he never matches them up to ‘Anxiety’, he never fails to recollect the bright side and I’m well aware he’ll always do the same.
Some people have jumped right into this conclusion that success is all about having a fancy car and a billion-dollar mansion upstate but if the truth be told, success is having a good mind and a better point of view to life than that of anyone else around and only a very few people have the access to it, success is supporting other people and putting efforts in making this world a better and a happier place to live. In my opinion, He is indeed very successful and he is going to grow, eventually. He’s a muse to everyone who’s ever been around him and trust me, I’ve felt those lively and energetic vibes everyday.
He was the one who made me reckon that there’s hope everywhere only if you look for it. He’s the perfection everyone longs for and i have this burning desire to be like him someday.
He must have affected so many lives and people with his intriguing presence. I just wish it didn’t have to end, there’s so much more left that i’d love to gain an understanding of, from him, i want to know more about him and a lot more, maybe but i’m hopeful that i’ll be seeing him around all the time.
Few days ago, i was feeling so low and i wrote a blog post about everything i was downhearted about and unexpectedly he was the only one who got me out of that ‘discomfort phase’, He wrote a blog post which, i assumed, was about me and he told me that he is proud of me. I let out a heartfelt sigh as he had literally just lessened my heartache because after all, nobody had ever said ‘that’ to me. I never knew these little things or words said by someone could affect me so much and could make my day a thousand times more vivid. I was wonderstruck because, i dare say, that’s the best thing someone has ever said to me! 🙂
He’s always there for everyone who’s in any sort of need. He’s a lilac sky holding on to each and every shade of purple and red symbolizing love and hope all around.
I, honestly, believe that there’s a remarkable and extraordinary future right there in front of him waiting for him to grab on. I guess he’s the best person i’ve ever known in real life and i truly respect him for what he is and what he’s been doing for so long – being generous and inspiring. ❤